Why is a question I have been asked a few times since sharing this idea with friends and family.

why do you want to do this?

why do you want to ski all that?

Why dont you just ski the best ones?

The answer I already knew inside me, but i realised i had not really ever shared this with anyone. Growing up I was very fortunate, I was told to try every sport going and every activity, I have tried it all from Archery, Kayaking, to table tennis and all in between. I was good, I was bad and i am still ugly, but one thing that was consistent was there was places i could go to try these things, people to show me how to do them and people to take me and pick me up.

Fast forward a few years and I was hearing, there is nothing for us to do, this is a statement that the “youth” would say without really looking at was around them, the opportunities they had at their disposal, yes some cost money, some were free, but always the options were there if you wanted them.

A bug bear of mine is people unable to do sports but want to but they can’t through no fault of their own. I dont know where this comes from, but this feeling has always lead me to volunteer and coach/instruct regardless of sport or mentor with Big Brother.

When Alis first mentioned VASS to me, i was skeptical based on my ski instructor background from the Europe and the system in place there, “could it really be as easy as a weekend course to help people have the opportunity to ski”?

I visited an information night and sat in the theatre at Caps Uni and watch a few films and listened as people spoke. Honestly I didnt listen that much… We watched a film called Out On A Limb (https://vimeo.com/102568204) and i was blown away!!   Now i Could not tell you about the star of the film or what had happened for him to only have one leg, but I was inspired, not only did this guy ski better then me, he hucked cliffs and slayed powder, he did it all on one leg, he didnt let something that could have been a reason not to do it stop him. I wanted to meet and help more people with that mindset.

So that is why I got involved, and will be doing this trip to raise awareness and support for BC Adaptive Snow Sports, so they can continue to provide opportunities to allow others to enjoy this sports.

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