Planning, I mean there are only 38 resorts I was going to ski… I added Mt Baker, Banff and Lake Louise to the mix, ‘cos, why not?

British Columbia for those that don’t know is roughly 944,735 km2 (Thanks Wiki) which is bigger than all the UK and Ireland plus part of France including all the wet stuff between, IT IS BIG.

In England, we hop on a plane to ski and sometimes some mad soul will drive, but really, we see it as such a big distance we mainly fly.

Back to BC and its small amount of land mass. Living in Vancouver I am in the south west part of the province and fortunate enough to class Whistler as one of my local mountains. Whistler isn’t the closest to me that is Grouse Mountain, where Vancouver Adaptive Snow Sports is based.


I opened the map editor in google and with excitement across my face I started adding the resorts. Whistler, Fernie, Whitewater, Sun Peaks, Shames, Troll, one by one the excitement turned to dread as I realised how far I would be driving. Now let me just remind you, I am a full-time office worker, a desk Jedi, a 9 to 5’er call it what you will, I am no longer a 20 something doing a season with my mates. This now made me question had I bitten more than I could chew? It wasn’t the first time I had entered the unknown, but it may have been one of the few times I had a bit of self-doubt. Lots of back and forth on websites and google maps, confirmed what was going through my mind, this will cost a fortune in time and money, and I will be living off coffee and energy drinks during the long ass drives around the province. Dam this could actually be lonely too.

A dose of reality is always good to realign yourself, with all 38 resorts added to the map, it was time to show friends and family, what i was up to and that this was for real.

Spreadsheet – Who doesn’t love a spreadsheet? I won’t bore you with showing it to you, but it has links to all resorts, lift ticket prices, drive times, places to go, etc. I felt ready. Now all was missing was this site and how I was going to share the adventures and elevate awareness of adaptive snow sports in BC.


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