The Objective

It boils down to a photographer’s passion for capturing the beauty of British Columbia through an adventure challenge to ski all 35 BC ski resorts in one Winter season. Driven by a goal to support BC Adaptive Snow Sports and inspire all to access the wilderness around them and seek winter adventure. This exploration speaks to those who admire incredible art and photography as well as those with a passion for winter sports, who want to experience the grit of adventure.

My Story

The pressure is on to write something engaging and witty about myself, well the reality is I am pretty normal, I am in my mid 30’s, work full time behind a desk, and I have an affinity with nature and outdoor adventure.  

Skiing entered my life at the top of a mountain in Courchevel, France, I skipped school to go on this last minute trip, I formed the infamous pizza shape with my skis and my life changed. I stayed on my feet for all of 2 seconds, tumbling down the mountain I became a big white ball of snow, eventually I came to a standstill; a huge grin appeared across my face and a love affair was born.

Now living in Vancouver, British Columbia, I was introduced to Vancouver Adaptive Snow Sports by a good friend Alis. It was here that I was exposed to the incredible work of the adaptive community to allow others the chance to experience the thing that has brought me so much joy over the years.

It is this work and community that I will be sharing, along with the beauty of each of BCs resorts, from the powerhouse of Whistler, to Canada’s first non-profit community service ski co-operative in Shames.


Get Involved...

Should you wish to support the adaptive Snow Sports community there are a few options for you to consider.

Volunteer with adaptive snow sports - This is by fair one of the biggest ways to help, it not only allows another person to share our sport, it will give back to you in more ways than you ever realised. Volunteer Here

Donate - During this journey I hope to raise funds for BC Adaptive to allow them to continue to provide equipment grants to allow those to pursue a career or just the sport we love.