A Crazy Idea

So here we are 3 weeks on from when I randomly said, I think i would like to try to ski all the resorts in BC.

The looks around the small room where i was sat, were encouraging, small smiles started to appear, then words came out….

“The powder highway will be epic, just pick the dates when the snow is falling”
“Oh man i would love to ski Revy again”
“The powder at Fernie is meant to be LEG-END-ARY”


It was then with my friends getting excited on my behalf, I dropped the bombshell….

“Guys, I want to do this over 2 seasons….” my wife being supportive as ever, “Why 2 seasons, wouldn’t it be better to do it in 1…” It dawned on me I hadn’t really thought this time line out or why I wanted this challenge. A quick google search showed 38 resorts in BC, with 4 closed, so 34 left to ski, then I found Little Mac with its longest run of 210m.

35 resorts in BC

Over the next day or two I thought about the trip and the adventures, the ups, the downs, the stress. During one of these day dreams I realised that I wasn’t volunteering this winter and I could use this trip to highlight British Columbia’s amazing Adaptive Schools and their communities that allow others to participate in the sport I love.

That was it, I was going to ski all 35 BC resorts to support BC Adaptive Snow Sports. So Tow Ropes and T Bars was born.


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